Top 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

1. What are our current technological needs and how are those likely to change in the future as we execute our business plan?

2. Are we compliant with legislation governing information technology and security in our industry?

3. How much are we currently spending on technology and data security? How does that compare with our monthly spending on coffee?

4. What is the cost to our company if our network is down for One Hour? Two Hours? Two Days?

5. What is the ROI for our investment in technology? (Yes - Information Technology can and SHOULD generate returns!)

6. Are we less effective than we could be because we have not kept up with technology advances?

7. Security, privacy and continuity. At the end of the day, who is responsible for our firm's data? Are we absolutely certain our data is protected from hackers and viruses?

8. What should be outsourced and why?

9. Is labor a fixed or variable cost? If you outsource a function, what do you do with the people who were previously performing that function? Can they be more productive elsewhere?

10. What are the top three risks or obstacles to achieving our goals?