Calm Waters for Businesses

Calm Waters has a variety of specialized services for businesses ranging from single projects to completely outsourced information technology departments. Whether the needs is small or great, you can rest assured that we will consistently deliver the highest caliber of service and expertise for a fraction of the cost of the competition.

Since every business is unique - every need is unique as well. Likewise, many are unable to pinpoint their exact area of need, or to know exactly where savings and efficiencies can be realized. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us today to discuss your current situation, and how Calm Waters can assist you in meeting your technology goals.



- Network Design, Repair and Administration

- Computer Repair & Maintenance

- Security Assessments

- Troubleshooting

- Web Hosting, Design & Support

Outsourced Technology

In today's environment, many organizations are evaluating their business models and making crucial decisions regarding the maximization of efficiencies, and the protection of both bottom and top line revenues. In many cases, this means making the decision to outsource certain functions to third parties, or to call on others to help determine where those efficiencies may lie.

We at Calm Waters will work with you to assess your current IT structure and offer alternatives to help utilize technology to your competitive advantage. We will work to increase the efficiencies of current technology and offer support for your network and personnel. We will customize a solution per your distinct needs and business goals and you, in turn, will benefit from real cost savings, increased productivity and the peace of mind that your technology is finally secure and working in a manner that contributes to the success of your firm.

Call today to discuss the exciting opportunities lie ahead through the use smart technology solutions.


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